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What are the pasting methods of mosaic

Method for pasting mosaic

1,the selection of brick: mosaic building exterior wall decoration, the specific design of the specific design of the specific design of varieties, shapes, specifications, size, arrangement and combination of design requirements for the selection of brick. When selecting bricks, in order to "link" as the unit. Every corner missing, missing edges and deformation, interlayer, glaze cracking, cracking, spots, adhesion and scar sparkling, green powder, pits, corrugated, missing glaze, orange glaze, brown eyes, spot, melting hole should be shall be removed. Each "union" should be the same size; varieties and other pattern should comply with the design requirements; "union" and "contact" between mosaic color, visual should be basically the same; kraft paper does not allow mosaic shedding.

2,turn the sample pre row, mosaic press the "joint" Number: after the selection of the brick process, according to the specific design requirements of the arrangement of the combination of modeling for construction, on-site sample pre row. Pre arrangement must note each permutation and combination of position and brick seam width and combination relationship and mosaic finishes with a window, the window plate, crib wall, window wall, window belly wall, window head line, waistline, yin and yang angle at various relations, to ensure accurate, everything is accorded with design and construction acceptance norms. And then the mosaic of the "union" one one numbers, classified stack reserve.

3,the wall surface: dust, dirt, grease, wall surface garbage clean up and water.

4,brush 801 glue cement paste: on the surface of brush wall 801 glue cement paste (in water 3%~5% 801 glue) a.

5,bottom ash leveling: in the 801 glue plain cement paste powder 15~18mm thick 1:3 cement mortar rendering, fur sweeping shall be ensure perfectly smooth, there shall be no convex concave and any injustice. The bottom ash and the wall surface must be solid cement, not a void, and any loose solid place (bottom ash three survival times).

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6,check the wall and bottom ash vertical and horizontal Flatness: after the above process, should strictly check the wall and bottom ash of the vertical and horizontal flatness. Whether vertical or horizontal direction, where the smoothness of the gap than 2mm, shall be remedied, leveling.

7,on the plastic grinding net, coarse grinding: mosaic stickup shall, before the back and bottom ash surface pre clean sand, floating sand, solid matter and is not conducive to paste the debris clearance utterly and to facilitate bonding. Where it is too smooth, it must be rough and rough.

8,adjust the glue: in strict accordance with the United States and Australia to the United States and the United States to vigorously rubber products specification and the proportion of the two components, the modulation. Modulation should be used when the modulation, the number should be used in accordance with the number of active plastic construction of the number of effective use of the. Where more than the effective time of the construction, shall not continue to use.

9,glue (glue): mosaic placed in wooden pallets (each plate approximately 4 mosaic), pockmarked face upward, Mantang coated thin (thick about 0.5 ~ 1mm) Australia United States treasure slow dry type strong adhesive together (about 50 square at the center of each shall be coated quick drying type strong adhesive, mosaic stickup temporary fixed mosaic). If there is a gap coating mosaic of uneven size, did not flat, should be balanced straight line after the glue dial. (Note: This gluing procedure should be carried out simultaneously with the step 10)

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