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How to paste the glass mosaic

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Pasting mosaic in place: according to the pre mosaic row numbering according to the sequence of operations after the glue on the wall in place, paste, strong adhesive to mosaic temporary fixation with mosaic on the back center of quick drying, then quickly the "union" of mosaic and adjacent to the "joint" mosaic leveling straight. When necessary, can be added with meizibao quick drying glue coating on each mosaic four to help locate the angle. The decision will be the full mosaic knocked again, knocked it down.

The paper uncovering, adjustable seam: mosaic in place paste fifty or sixty minutes (in quick drying type strong adhesive before the initial setting), using a soft bristle brush dipped in water will wet surface Kraft mosaic, about half an hour later, began the paper uncovering. When exposing the need to carefully from the up and down the order slowly tearing. If there is a small mosaic with tape, to re fill. After exposing the paper must be strict inspection of small pieces of mosaic slot, if uneven size, anyway not straight office, must use the knife to stir evenly, straightening and leveling (horizontal and vertical). If there is no rubber pieces, should fill glue. All the quality problems of repair after passing, then all the mosaic with a small hammer and closed again, make cement.

With rubber reinforcing: mosaic stickup, address the adhesive with check, if necessary, use the treasure of beauty quick drying type vigorously glue and glue reinforcing.

Cleaning, pointing: each mosaic posted Bi, leveling, straightening, reinforcing, should be rubbed surface net (surface such as the stained strong glue. Use clean cloth dipped in water to clean the net). All of the mosaic finished paste after passing the examination, will according to the shape of permutation and combination are embedded buried of wide and narrow slit pass out, with beautiful treasure transparent vigorously glue color (color, pigment were according to the specific design rules for caulking, Gou Yan. Pointing model such as flat seam, oblique slit, convex concave joint seam, etc., apply to specific design.

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