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Mosaic to let the kitchen is not greasy

The kitchen is the place where the family the most polluted air, and most in need of plants to purify the air and the location of the kitchen also affects family wealth and health, select the appropriate

The kitchen tiles, and then placed in suitable plants can not only improve the Home Furnishing environment, but also can improve the forecast time.

If your kitchen is located in the south, placed foliage plants if luluo is help to save and reduce the tendency of spending money; if in if in the other direction, on the table / refrigerator

Near the red flowers are conducive to health and wealth; if in the west, it should be placed in the window of the golden flowers, Narcissus or three color violet, not only can block the sunset of evil

Gas, also can bring wealth; and is located in the north, should be placed pink, orange flower, indoor add vitality enrichment Hannaford.

Ding Sheng

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