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The history and culture of mosaic

Mosaic, from MOSAIC, are carefully decorated with mosaic pattern spliced. The people who lived in the cave in the early stage, in order to make the floor more solid and durable, the use of a variety of marble laying the ground, the first mosaic is derived from the development of the foundation on the basis of.

Ding Sheng

Mosaic is the earliest a mosaic art with pebbles, shells, tile, glass colored embedded applications on the wall or floor of drawing design to the performance of a kind of art.Mosaic decorative materials, the earliest found in architectural decoration of the mosaic is a Sumerian temple wall, in the temple wall in Mesopotamia Mesopotamia have mosaic decorative patterns. It is said that the mosaic of the Sumerian sun dog is found a lot of the earliest mosaic patchwork. And archaeological findings up to the time of ancient Greece, ancient Greek marble mosaic pavement stone is very common, when most commonly used form is with black and white match each other and the spread of stone mosaic, when only the authority of the ruler and the rich rich talent please afford artisans and purchase materials, with mosaic into a variety of patterns decorate their living place. With mosaics for decorative performance was the art of luxury, the development of the Late Ancient Greece, the number of craftsmen and artists to more to enrich the architectural decoration works, began to use a small piece of gravel, and his hand cut small flakes through various colors collocation, combination to complete a picture mosaic works, the shop is stuck in the building walls, the ground, cylindrical, its original, bold art form is the precious wealth of the mosaic history and culture.

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