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Carton fair

April 15, 2013. Our factory in the CARTON fair, with years of experience in exhibition, from the location of the booth, and exhibits the selection and presentation, the more important is how the exposition crawl with the intention of customers, we are to carry out the plan to deploy, hope our products in the exhibition will be given to the needs of customers. In the case of the market downturn, we have excellent products as a weapon to win. The scene signed two customers. And invite customers to visit our factory to understand.

Ding Sheng

FOSHAN WONDERFUL MOSAIC LTD.CO ten years focused on the production of mosaic products, star hotel, senior clubs, luxury villas, KTV entertainment, upscale pool hall and family background wall, ceiling, cabinets decoration of choice.Consultation hotline:86-13500252495,please contact us if you have the need

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